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ANIMESH BULUSU | అనిమేష్ బులుసు

Blog redesign 2022

Hello! Again this year, I put by blog through a sort of a redesign. Let's see the changes in a changelog style. This data will live on in a file and also be available at /changelog. This way I don't have to write a separate blog post for each redesign.


  1. Atom feed
  2. Year grouping items on posts model
  3. Reintroduce sub-posts on notes
  4. Show unpublished posts in a tag listing
  5. Breadcrumbs on post template


  1. Accent colors
  2. Heading styles
  3. Footer content
  4. Post and posts macros
  5. Feed config


  1. Date format on posts
  2. Draft link styles
  3. Header spacing issues
  4. Post specific JS includes
  5. Current design
  6. Mobile-first design
  7. TOC style


  1. Draft date logic


  1. Implement a single tags page Closed as not possible