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Review of LG Q Stylus+ Android phone

I got a new phone, the LG Q Stylus+. It is a mid range Android phone. I have been using this phone for one week after nearly two years with Lenovo K5 Note.

As a non-gaming (read PUBG) user, here are my first impressions. If you came here for pretty pictures, you will be disappointed.


Phone feels premium from the front, but is extremely slippery. I am planning to put a case on it. It is a shame since the phone is a great looker. Back of the phone is plastic and probably a turn-off for some people. Sometimes taps won't register as the display is too smooth. As a result a tap would sometimes register as a swipe. This has caused me some annoyance. Use of a screenguard should fix this problem. Build of the phone is MIL-spec (MIL-STD 810G), meaning a tougher unit altogether. I don't have the heart to test it intentionally, but the phone seems to have been built well. I say this as the Lenovo K5 Note always creaked and squeaked with the slightest amount of pressure after certain weeks of regular usage. I was surprised about that IP68 certification. Again, I don't want to test the phone intentionally for water and dust proofing. Knowing that it is certified makes it a bonus.


Camera feels a bit slow, but the output looks decent. It has a few good features like match shot and guide shot. Since I have a DSLR, I don't really care for an amazing camera for this price. It does what it does. I am not a selfie fan, but supposedly the phone is good for selfies.


Sound quality from the built-in speakers is quite decent. Call quality is also good.

The surround sound feature is called DTS:X 3D Surround and can be turned on from the notification dropdown. This feature is a let down personally. DTS:X 3D Surround didn't feel that great when I played a podcast in the car. DTS:X 3D surround did not have a similar feel. The other thing it didn't like with it is that DTS:X 3D Surround only works when the phone is connected to auxiliary cable or another external device.

Lenovo's Dolby was fabulous in comparison as the difference in the sound was instantly apparent and it worked even when not connected to an external device. This is one feature I miss from Lenovo's phone.

One advantage with DTS:X 3D Surround feature is that it is turning on automatically when connected to an external device, such as an auxiliary cable, and turning off when I remove the connection. This convenience was not available on the Lenovo's surround sound feature.


Display is probably the best feature. If you like phones lot of vertical screen real estate, this phone is probably the best in its class. Watching a video is a great experience on this phone. The display is 6.2 inches and full HD+ giving a clear, wide and crisp viewing experience.

There is a feature called Comfort view which lets you turn off blue highlights. This is a feature similar to Night Lights on Windows 10, f.lux and redshift. You can also schedule this feature to turn on only at night. That is nifty IMHO. The slight trouble with this feature is that it distorts or aliases text content, to some extent, causing an imperfect reading experience. I experienced this on Sync for Reddit app.

Other things

Stylus is decent and gave me no trouble so far. Having always wanted a phone with stylus, I barely do anything with it now that I have such a phone. Drawing the screen lock pattern with the stylus is better than fat fingering. This is helpful if you setup a trickier pattern. I tried a couple of drawings on Autodesk Sketchbook and did not produce anything noteworthy so far. Squid Notes and Bamboo Paper are some of the few drawing apps I tried. They are decent.

Performance is as expected for a user with similar phone before. I would give it a slight edge over my previous phone. As an anecdote, memory management seemed slightly better with certain apps like Sync with Reddit and Materialistic. May be this is not the right way to describe this feature, but what I meant was that these two apps persisted in the recent apps longer than what I got with the Lenovo phone. I could be reading a specific thread on either of the apps and return to the same thread next day from the recent apps.

It has a USB type-C and is accompanied by a fast charger. Battery life has been decent so far. The phone was able to last for more than one and half a day with moderate usage. After a week of usage, this aspect has held up well.

The phone came with Facebook and Instagram installed, but you could uninstall these apps if you don't need them.

Occasionally, fingerprint reader doesn't respond as quick. This is very annoying.

I put on a case on it now and find that the edge swipes required for most apps doesn't register. I would have to either use the pen to get the edge swipe to work or push against the edge of the case and do a thicker edge swipe.

Closing thoughts

At this moment, there is no information on when Android Pie update will land, if at all. Sometimes there seemed to be some sort of blanking out of the data connection which fixed itself upon restarting the device. It is quite possible that this may be an issue with my carrier Jio.

Ever since Windows Phones have disappeared and the knowledge that v2 of the perfect phone is at least a year or two away, I have been making do with Android.

All in all, I am content with this phone. Let us see how this phone holds up.